ENERGY STAR climate zones

A voluntary program established by the EPA in 1992, ENERGY STAR helps businesses and individuals save money and protect the climate by identifying and promoting energy-efficient products and buildings. Products with the ENERGY STAR designation must meet third-party certification based on testing in EPA-recognized labs. Additionally, ENERGY STAR-qualified products are subject to “off-the-shelf” testing at any point throughout the year.

Performance Criteria
Window and doors protect your home and family from the elements. While some windows are better at keeping you warm, others excel at keeping you cool. ENERGY STAR performance criteria is based on ratings certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), and vary for each of the climate zones shown in the map.

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2012 - 2032 Tax Credits

By installing ENERGY STAR-certified windows and doors from ӰPro Windows and Doors, you might not only save money on heating and cooling costs but may also be eligible for an ENERGY STAR tax credit. For important information, visitand Section 25C of the Internal Revenue Code at. You can download our Manufacturer Certification Statements here.

For Tax Years 2012-2022:
ӰProTER Brands Manufacturer's Certification Statement 2012-2022

For Tax Years 2023-2032:
ӰProTER Brands Manufacturer's Certification Statement 2023-2032