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Choosing ӰPro Windows and Doors means investing in top-quality replacement windows that promise durability, versatility, and optimal energy efficiency. ӰPro stands out with its commitment to quality and backs each product with an industry-leading warranty you won’t get from other window companies.

ӰPro Certified Dealers ensure a seamless, professional window replacement, providing homeowners with peace of mind and confidence in their investment.

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Replacement Window Cost vs. Value

The cost of a replacement window project is based on things like materials, the number and size of windows, and details about your property. However, it’s typically worth it to invest in quality over cheap replacement windows: A 2022 survey from Remodeling Magazine found that good replacement windows have a 67.5% return on investment in the south Atlantic region. Whether you want to put your home on the market or you plan to stay where you are, find ӰPro windows for sale here.

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Replacement windows can help improve your home's safety and privacy. Advanced locking mechanisms, robust frame materials like aluminum replacement windows, and impact-resistant glass make break-ins less likely. Casement windows and sliding horizontal windows are a great choice for meeting egress requirements for bedrooms and basements in case of emergency. Local building codes typically specify the height and size of the window’s opening, so talk to your contractor about your area’s requirements.

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Egress Requirements

Finding the right replacement windows can be a challenge when meeting egress specifications. Horizontal sliding windows are an excellent choice for achieving ventilation while providing egress in window wells.

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Space Saving

Want ventilation, but don’t want to block pathways when you open your window? Consider horizontal sliders, double hung and single hung house windows, which slide open, rather than opening outward.

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Glass Options

Tempered glass is extremely strong, with a reduced chance of injury if it breaks. Double- and triple-paned glass, which is used in impact windows, can also provide an extra layer of security.

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Replacing those old, drafty windows with good replacement windows allows you to control indoor air quality and comfort. In the winter, modern windows tightly seal your home against cold drafts, preserving warmth and reducing heating costs. You can help cut the cold even more by adding non-operating windows like radius windows and picture windows. During summer, features like adjustable openings and screens let in fresh air and cool breezes, enhancing comfort without opening your home to pests or compromising security.

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Keeping the weather outside where it belongs can also help you save on energy bills. Replacement windows with extra high-efficiency forms of Low-E insulated glass cut the glare of too much sunlight, particularly in rooms used for working on a computer or watching TV, while still letting in natural light.

Add curtains and shades to easily control the amount of light even more. Properly installed replacement windows with insulated glass keep your home comfortable and can lower your energy bills.

egress considerations

Better Airflow

Funnel breezes through your home by strategically placing windows in areas where the winds blow. By maximizing ventilation with casement windows or double-hung windows, you can invite more fresh air into your home.

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Light-Filled Spaces

Casement windows and horizontal sliding window styles give you access to plenty of fresh air and natural light. Pair them with patio doors and ventilating skylights to enhance airflow.

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Energy Efficiency

Improve heating and cooling bills with energy-efficient replacement windows. Swapping out windows on the north, west and east walls, in particular, can help lower your home’s energy costs.

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Replacement windows can completely transform your home. Want to make a room look larger or take advantage of a great view? Add a picture window to your living room with casement or single-hung windows on either side to give your room both light-filled views and ventilation. Want to add a touch of sophistication? Positioning an arched window over a double-hung window adds style, even in a bathroom or mudroom.

You can also make the switch to casement or awning windows, which you can easily open with one hand using a crank. These are great choices for tight spaces or windows that are higher up on walls and difficult to reach. Maintenance is another thing to consider: On upper floors, double hung windows that tilt in can make cleaning easier.

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Not every room in your home needs a big, open picture window or horizontal slider. For windows in entryways, bathrooms, bedrooms, and other private areas, consider choosing obscure glass. They come in a variety of textured patterns and tints with translucent and semi-opaque effects, providing privacy without adding window coverings. Skylights and transom windows are also great ideas for adding light without compromising privacy.

V250 Style Line Series Windows

Choosing the Best Windows for Your Home’s Style

Whether you live in a colonial, modern, or ranch-style home, updating your windows is one of the easiest ways to boost curb appeal and help increase the value of your home. You can maintain your home’s previous style by choosing from various window grids and trim colors when you select your replacement windows.

It’s especially important for the windows on the front of your home to complement your architectural style. Many home styles call for symmetrical, traditional design, particularly in neighborhoods with HOA specifications and local building codes. Your dealer can work with you to design the home you both need and want.

airflow is important

Simple Operation

Place awning windows in basements, laundry rooms, and anywhere else you may need a smaller window you can open with one hand. Casement windows are perfect for over the kitchen sink for the same reason.

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Thoughtful Placement

Consider the arrangement of your furniture and your home’s doors. A picture window over an entryway door welcomes visitors with abundant light, while a sliding window is easy to open over a side table or chair.

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Window Grids

While older windows were made from multiple panes of glass, modern replacement windows achieve the same look with grids. From standard to valance to perimeter, window grids can match your home’s architectural style.

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Sliding Replacement Windows

operate by one sash gliding horizontally over another, offering a sleek, contemporary look. They are ideal for spaces where exterior protrusion is a concern, providing ample light and ventilation without occupying additional space.


Single Hung Replacement Windows

feature a stationary top sash and a movable bottom sash that slides vertically, offering a traditional appearance and efficient airflow. They are a cost-effective option for those looking to enhance their home's energy efficiency and comfort without compromising on style.


Double Hung Replacement Windows

allow both the upper and lower sashes to move, providing superior ventilation and ease of cleaning. This flexibility makes them a popular choice for homeowners seeking both functionality and aesthetic appeal in a variety of home styles.

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Replacement Awning Windows

, hinged at the top and opening outward, offer unique architectural interest and functionality. They provide excellent ventilation and protection from the rain, making them ideal for adding character and comfort to any room.

Casement Windows Replacement, ӰPro Windows and Doors

Replacement Casement Windows

feature a side hinge, opening outward like a door. This design allows for maximum ventilation and offers an unobstructed view, making them a preferred choice for homeowners looking for ease of use and energy efficiency.


Replacement Picture Windows

are fixed units designed to offer expansive views and flood a room with natural light. Their large, unobstructed glass area makes them perfect for highlighting outdoor landscapes while enhancing the aesthetic value of your home.


Specialty Replacement Windows

are custom designed to fit unique architectural openings, providing a tailored solution for any home. Whether for aesthetic or functional needs, these windows can enhance the unique character of your property while meeting specific design requirements.

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FAQs About Replacement Windows

What are replacement windows?

Replacement windows are windows installed into the existing frame of an old window. They're a popular choice for upgrading energy efficiency, improving home comfort, and enhancing aesthetic appeal without the need for extensive renovations.

How much does replacing windows cost?

The cost of replacement windows varies widely based on factors such as material, size, style, and energy efficiency features. On average, homeowners might spend between $200 to $1,200 per window, with installation costs adding additional expense.

What are the best replacement windows?

The best replacement windows meet your specific needs for energy efficiency, maintenance, aesthetic preferences, and budget. Options like aluminum, fiberglass, and vinyl replacement windows each offer distinct advantages in terms of durability, upkeep, and insulation properties. The most important thing is to purchase windows from a reputable, trustworthy company and check for a comprehensive warranty, like the one from ӰPro Windows and Doors.

How do you measure for replacement windows?

Measuring for replacement windows involves recording the height, width, and depth of the existing window opening from inside your home. Take measurements from different points to account for any variances and ensure the best fit for the new window.

How do you install replacement windows?

Installing replacement windows typically includes removing the old window, preparing the opening, setting the new window into place, and securing it. Proper installation ensures airtight and watertight performance, often requiring professional skills to handle the nuances of fitting and sealing.