why replace your windows?

Why replace your home’s windows?

Home is your sanctuary — that place to rest and recharge or gather and entertain. Replacement windows can refresh your existing spaces and breathe new life into your remodels.

ӰPro offers replacement windows for homes in the eastern United States. Each custom-fit window provides unmatched performance, style and function to any room of the home.

cost vs value

Replacement window value vs. cost

A 2022 survey from Remodeling Magazine found that replacement vinyl windows have a 67.5% return on investment in the south Atlantic region. Whether you want to put your home on the market in the near future or you plan to stay where you are, replacement windows are worth the cost.

Browse replacement window styles

choosing the right operating style

A replacement window project gives you the opportunity to swap out the operation style of your existing window to make it better function in the space, or even add a patio door.

fill your space with light

Spaces filled with light

Adding a horizontal sliding window over your kitchen sink gives you plenty of light and is easy to operate.

ease of operation

simple operation

Awning windows open toward the outside, making them a great option for rainy climates, since you can open them and keep your home dry. Similar to horizontal sliding windows, awning styles are a good choice over a kitchen counter because the hand cranks allow for easy operation.

thoughtful placement of windows

thoughtful placement

Consider how you arrange furniture on your patio or inside your home. If you’re putting a side table in front of the window in your living room, for instance, you may want to consider a casement window. Doing so will allow you to let fresh air into your spaces with the ease of opening and closing the window using a hand crank.

privacy considerations

If you have windows flanking your front door or a bathroom with a large picture window, consider choosing obscure glass. These replacement windows provide privacy without adding window coverings. You’ll be able to choose from various textured patterns and tints with translucent and semi-opaque effects. Another way to add ambient light without compromising privacy is by incorporating skylights and transom windows to your existing spaces.

match your home's style

Ready to give your home more curb appeal? Update your exterior with replacement windows. Whether you live in a colonial, modern or ranch-style home, the windows you choose help determine how your home looks to passersby.

If you have an older home, you likely have window glass with small panes. It makes sense, then, when updating your home to maintain that style using trim and gridded patterns.

It’s especially important for the windows on the front of your home to complement your architectural style. Many home styles call for symmetrical, traditional design, particularly in neighborhoods with HOA specifications and local building codes.

new construction windows from ӰPro

Windows and patio doors go well beyond curb appeal. When assembled in configurations, they can add grandeur to a space, make a room feel larger than its square footage and create a sense of openness that brings the outdoors in — while keeping weather, noise and bugs out.

Add a replacement picture window to a living room space, and install casement or single-hung windows on either side to give your room both light-filled views and ventilation. Position an arched window over the double-hung window in your bathroom to add a sophisticated touch to the space.

safety and security

You may have security concerns about first-floor windows. If you want to keep your home secure while still enjoying cracking a window for fresh air, you may consider a picture window in combination with awning windows, which are difficult to open when locked.

Casement windows and sliding horizontal windows are a great choice for meeting egress requirements for bedrooms and basements. Local building codes typically specify the height and size of the window’s opening for escape in the event of an emergency. Talk to your contractor or ӰPro dealer when selecting windows that meet your area’s requirements.

egress considerations

egress requirements

Finding the right-size basement window can be a challenge when meeting egress specifications. Horizontal sliding windows are an excellent choice for achieving ventilation while providing egress in window wells.

ventilation without obstruction

space saving

Want occasional ventilation, but don’t want to block any pathways when you open your window? Consider windows like horizontal sliders, double-hung and single-hung windows that slide open, rather than opening outward.

consider your glass options

glass options

Tempered glass is an exceptionally strong material. Should it break, it does so into pebble-like pieces that don’t have sharp edges, reducing the chance of injury to anyone nearby. Window and door manufacturers typically use tempered glass in patio doors, windows in kids’ rooms and side lights. Your local building codes may also require the use of tempered glass on bathroom shower doors. Ask your contractor or dealer about tempered glass.

insulate from solar heat

Want to control solar gain from sun exposure? Consider adding windows with extra high-efficiency forms of Low-E insulated glass. They’ll cut more of the damaging rays and intense heat from the sun while still filling your spaces with light.

Low-angle sunlight filters through windows that face west or east in the mornings and afternoons, while south-facing windows get that low-angle sunlight in winter, fall and spring, especially if you live farther north.

Cut the glare of too much sunlight, particularly in rooms used for working on a computer or watching TV. Consider adding replacement windows with high-efficiency Low-E glass in combination with curtains and shades to help mitigate the sun’s effects.

high efficiency windows keep you comfortable

Replacing those old, drafty windows with good replacement windows can bring in fresh air, along with comfort and energy savings.

If you experience bitterly cold winters of the Northeast, you may want to consider picture windows on the side of your home that experiences icy blasts. Help cut the cold by adding non-operating windows such as radius windows and picture windows on that side.

These are some of the best options for letting in natural light without sacrificing comfort. Be sure to pick the most energy-efficient windows you can afford.

airflow is important

better airflow

Funnel breezes through your home by strategically placing windows in areas where the winds blow. By maximizing ventilation with casement windows or double-hung windows, you can invite more fresh air into your home.

fill your home with light

light-filled spaces

Casement windows and horizontal sliding window styles give you access to plenty of fresh air and natural light. Pair them with patio doors and ventilating skylights to enhance airflow. Skylights also allow warm air to rise and leave the house to keep your space at a comfortable temperature.

energy efficient

energy efficiency

Improve heating and cooling bills by replacing your windows with more energy-efficient options. Swapping out windows on the north, west and east walls, in particular, can help lower your home’s energy costs.

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