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Selecting the best possible windows for new construction projects is important: Every homeowner wants windows that will last for years to come so they don’t have to worry about replacing them. When you choose new construction windows from ӰPro Windows and Doors, you’re investing in safety, security, industry-leading thermal performance, long-lasting comfort, and contemporary hardware and framing – all elements of the best new construction windows.

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Replacement vs. New Construction Windows

One of the first questions to answer about new windows for a home is which type you need. Replacement windows are designed to fit into existing frames, making them ideal for quick updates without structural changes. New construction windows, on the other hand, are installed directly into the home's structure, requiring the removal of siding and trim, and are best suited for new builds or major renovations.

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Budget for New Construction Windows

First, you’ll want to work with your window supplier to determine your needs and your priorities. Are you looking for more affordable windows? Do you want energy-efficient features? Are you in the market for custom, high-end windows? Understand your project scope and then align your needs and wants with your budget.

Budgeting for new construction windows involves more than just the cost of the windows themselves. Consider installation costs, potential energy savings, and the long-term value they add to your home. Balancing upfront costs with long-term benefits is key to making a cost-effective decision.

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Placement of New Construction Windows

Strategically placing your windows can enhance natural light, improve ventilation, and boost the overall aesthetic appeal of your home. Consider the direction each window faces and how it aligns with your home’s design to maximize functionality and energy efficiency.

This will depend on your geographic area. For example, windows on the north side of a house in the southeastern U.S. can enhance natural sunlight without the heat-producing effects of direct rays. Those living in colder climates who want to reduce a home’s heating needs may consider adding more windows on the home’s south side to maximize solar heat gain.

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Design Style of New Construction Windows

You’ll also want to find new construction windows that fit with your home’s architecture. Whether your home is modern, traditional, or somewhere in between, selecting windows that align with its design will ensure a cohesive look and feel.

For example, if you’re building a modern coastal home near the Atlantic, you may want contemporary vinyl new construction windows that give way to expansive views and won’t corrode in the salt air. You can also customize your window grids, glass options, and frame colors, as we’ll go over next.

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Popular Operating Styles

Placement is key when determining the windows that work best for each space. You may want to place a sliding window in the bedroom to satisfy egress requirements in emergencies, while in the kitchen, a casement window over the sink is easy to reach and operate with one hand.

Single hung windows are classic and cost-effective for any space, while double hung windows are easy to clean and provide great ventilation. And new construction is the perfect time to plan for styles that make a statement, like bay windows and picture windows.

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Vinyl Window Frames

If you want maintenance-free windows that are more affordable, vinyl new construction windows are a great choice for any home. Vinyl frames offer an excellent balance of durability, energy efficiency, and low maintenance. Resistant to weathering and insulating against heat and cold, vinyl is a cost-effective choice that doesn’t sacrifice quality or aesthetic appeal.

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Glass Types

In addition to the frame, you’ll need to choose what type of glass you want for your new construction windows. Obscure glass provides privacy while still letting in light and is ideal for bathrooms or private spaces. Tinted glass reduces glare and solar heat gain, enhancing comfort and energy efficiency. And double- and triple-paned glass offers superior insulation, noise reduction, and energy savings, making them a must-have for any climate.

If energy efficiency is a top concern, look for features like Low-E glass coatings and warm-edge spacer systems. These windows often meet and exceed ENERGY STAR standards and local codes. ӰPro Windows and Doors is a proud ENERGY STAR partner and works to meet its performance standards.

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Installing New Construction Windows

Installing new construction windows can be complex, as you’ll need to secure them to the framing of the home using special techniques. We always recommend professional installation, especially since you’re probably already working with a window supplier or builder. Experts ensure that windows are properly fitted and sealed, maximizing energy efficiency and functionality. Trusting a professional with the installation guarantees that your investment is protected and that your windows will perform as expected for years to come.

Why Choose ӰPro New Construction Windows?

ӰPro Windows and Doors has all the options you need when selecting new construction windows. No matter the climate, the components, or local building codes, ӰPro can help tailor your windows to your home’s specifications.


High-Quality Selection

With ӰPro Windows, homeowners and contractors can count on a wide variety of window options that combine aesthetic appeal with functionality. Their extensive selection of colors, glass types, and high-quality vinyl materials ensures your new construction windows not only match your design vision but also provide lasting durability.

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Best-in-Class Warranty

Our commitment to quality and durability is underscored by our superior warranty for new construction windows. Offering both full and limited lifetime warranties, we ensure that your investment remains secure, safeguarding you against any defects or performance issues and providing unparalleled peace of mind.

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Expert Customer Service

From selection to installation, our network of ӰPro Certified Dealers and top-notch customer service guarantee a smooth experience. Your Local Dealer can offer tailored recommendations, and we recommend visiting their showroom to see our new construction windows in person. Post-purchase, we’re committed to excellent customer service and will provide support every step of the way.

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FAQs About New Construction Windows

What are new construction windows?

New construction windows are designed for homes and buildings that are being constructed from scratch or undergoing major renovations where the studs are exposed. These windows come equipped with a nailing fin, a rim that allows them to be nailed directly into the home's framing, providing a secure and energy-efficient installation right from the beginning of the construction process.

What are common sizes for new construction windows?

Common sizes for new construction windows vary widely to accommodate different architectural styles and preferences. However, some standard sizes include 24x36 inches, 28x54 inches, and 36x60 inches. These dimensions fit typical residential needs, but windows can also be custom-sized to meet specific design requirements or to fill uniquely shaped openings in new constructions.

What’s the difference between new construction and remodel windows?

The main difference between new construction and remodel (or replacement) windows lies in their installation method. New construction windows have a nailing fin designed to be installed directly onto the frame of the house, ideal for new builds or when the wall is down to the studs. Remodel windows are designed to fit into existing window frames, making them suitable for updating the look or improving the energy efficiency of a home without extensive structural changes.

How much do new construction windows cost?

The cost of new construction windows can vary significantly based on factors such as material, size, and energy efficiency features. On average, homeowners might spend between $100 to $800 per window. Premium materials or customized options can increase the price, while standard sizes in more common materials like vinyl may be more cost-effective.

Can you put new construction windows in an existing home?

Yes, you can install new construction windows in an existing home, but it usually requires more work than installing replacement windows. The process might involve removing the exterior materials around the old windows and installing new construction windows with their nailing fin. While it’s more labor-intensive, this method can be beneficial if the existing window frames are damaged or if you’re looking to significantly alter the size or style of the windows during a major renovation.